Meet Douglas Clemmons





Douglas Clemmons established Clemmons Law Firm in 2014, bringing to the table extensive knowledge and expertise across various legal domains. His legal practice is particularly concentrated on financial and regulatory issues, as well as transactional law, serving clients across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island. Clemmons has dedicated countless hours to addressing the needs of both individual and corporate clients, ensuring their representation through every stage of legal proceedings until resolution. The firm prides itself on guiding clients through future planning and asset protection strategies, effectively reducing the impact of gift and estate taxes and safeguarding against potential creditors. Clemmons Law Firm is also proficient in handling both consumer and commercial bankruptcy cases. Leveraging his vast experience, Douglas Clemmons has broadened his practice to encompass corporate matters, including venture capital financing, private placements, corporate formations, real estate syndications, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity transactions.
His background is best characterized as a combination of time and effort dedicated to meeting the needs of people and organizations in need of advocacy in financially difficult situations. In the beginning, this was the character of his work. These days, Douglas effectively represents clients in a variety of business contexts. From the most complicated, such as litigation or entrepreneurial endeavors, the outcome is often one that is ideal and favorable.

A Proud Graduate of Fordham Law School